The 25 Conservatives Worth Following on Twitter, Revised

Political commentator and host Dana Loesch speaking at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference

Political commentator and host Dana Loesch speaking at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference

Recently, Salon published an article called, “The 25 Conservatives Worth Following on Twitter: Yes, They Exist.”

Most people who were named on the list ignored it, while others thanked Salon publicly for what was essentially labeling them one of twenty-five Republicans who aren’t quite as bad as the rest.

The list begins with a note from the article’s author, Taylor Link, who reminds his readers that liberals in shock over the 2016 election were prescribed a “heavy dose of reality” and were told to get out of their “liberal bubbles” to better understand the direction of the country. 

The only problem with seeking out conservative commentary, Link warns, is that liberals will be subjected to “pure lunacy on a regular basis.” 

How thoughtful of him. 

Link, though, has a solution: Follow Republicans who dislike the President, and that way liberals can hear conservative commentary that doesn’t offend them (or at least less so than normal.) 

He concludes his note to his readers by suggesting they take a look at his twenty-five carefully selected anti-Trump Republicans if they want to get out of their liberal bubbles “for a moment or two.” 

The irony of telling liberal readers to follow Republicans who don’t support President Trump to somehow enlighten themselves as to why people voted for him is so stunning it shocks me this article wasn’t stopped before it went to print.  

So here is a revised list. Instead of twenty-five anti-Trump Republicans, here are five who have written or spoken positively about the President in the past. If the goal is truly to diversify commentary intake, I suggest following these individuals instead of those provided by Link and Salon.


SEAN HANNITY: Sean Hannity is host of the popular Fox News Channel cable news show, Hannity, as well as an author and host of a nationally syndicated talk radio show. Hannity is number one on our list as a result of his media influence, well-documented personal friendship with the President, as well as overwhelmingly pro-Trump Twitter account. If you’re looking for insight on Trump supporters, Hannity is the first to consider following. 


KIMBERLEY STRASSEL: Kimberley Strassel is an author, journalist, and member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board, and also writes a weekly conservative column for the Wall Street Journal as well. Her most recent column focused on what she called the President’s “biggest triumph to date,” lamenting over what she perceived as the media’s misdirected attention to the President’s twitter. Strassel is critical in representing Trump supporters’ frustration with the media, and as with the next Republican on our list, is an important voice representing women voters. 


DANA LOESCH: Dana Loesch is a spokesperson for the NRA, television host for the The Blaze, radio talk show host, as well as frequent guest on Fox News, CNN, CBS, ABC, and HBO. Loesch’s unique position with the NRA, in which she is featured in ads that often conflate defense of the second amendment and the President, put her in a unique position worthy of attention. 


WILLIAM MCGURN: William McGurn is a Wall Street Journal columnist, former Editorial Page Editor for the New York Post, and former chief speechwriter for George W. Bush. McGurn has written Trump-sympathetic articles, including a noteworthy piece early in on the campaign called, “The Case for Trump.” His familiarity with the presidency and early support of President Trump secure McGurn’s spot as number four on the list. 


FOX & FRIENDS: Fox News’ morning show, hosted by Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, and Ainsley Earhardt, is arguably the only cable news show President Trump has ever wholly approved of. Fox & Friends is the only cable news program the President follows on Twitter, frequently retweeting and praising the commentator’s views. While Fox & Friends isn’t one person, their show represents more about Trump supporters than any one person could. 


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