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The Politicization of Vaccination

“All states have school immunization requirements, but most allow exemptions for religious reasons, and 17 also permit “personal belief exemptions.” Political efforts to eliminate these exemptions are creating battles in state legislatures across the nation.”

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NationalLiam GlenComment
Voter Suppression, Then and Now

“The myriad of regulations on voting disproportionately target non-whites, working class individuals, college students, convicted felons, and those experiencing homelessness. Many speculate that such tactics have underlying partisan motives…[and are questionable] as to their place in a democracy.”

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Trump's New Trade Deal: An Improved NAFTA

“Over the last year, the Trump administration has been engaged in trade negotiations with Canada and Mexico with the goal of agreeing on a replacement, and they finally reached a deal at the end of last month. If passed, the new trilateral trade deal, called the United States-Mexico-Canada-Agreement (USMCA), could have critical implications for the dairy, automobile, and pharmaceutical industries.”

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NationalBen PiccianoComment