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The President Errs on NATO

“Trump’s comments have called into question NATO’s credibility, however, and have damaged US relations with other allies as well. Now, because of the President’s actions, NATO may no longer be able enforce the ‘New World Order.’”

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GlobalRobert AndrewsComment
"Modicare": Can India Achieve Universal Healthcare?

“While many are praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s push to reform India’s public healthcare system via NHPM, critics question whether such an ambitious program is achievable. Economists estimate the program will cost the government billions of dollars to operate, which is much greater than is accounted for under Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s current allocations. "How they're going to pay for this is puzzling all of us," said Dipa Sinha, professor of economics at Ambedkar University in New Delhi.”

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GlobalPreeyanka RaoComment
Indonesia's War on Terror

“Indonesia’s war on terror is escalating, and the government is desperate to show its citizens that no nine year old girl will have to strap a bomb to her back in the future. The bombings in Surabaya have the nation gearing up once again to thwart the immense fear and panic necessary for terrorist groups to flourish.”

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Russia Is Just A Paper Bear

“It is not controversial to say that U.S.-Russian relations are at their lowest point since the 1980s. President Trump’s bizarre affinity for President Putin aside, the U.S. security establishment is squarely at odds with Moscow, while the Kremlin largely opposes American interests.”

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GlobalDenton OngComment