Feminist Hypocrisy on Sarah Sanders

Feminism has brought many great things to this country. It brought women the right to vote, established equal pay and opportunity in the workplace, and most recently has promoted a sense of empowerment and community among women. Today, many outspoken feminists, especially those in Hollywood, preach body positivity and acceptance. They want women to support each other and acknowledge that there is more to a woman than her outward appearance. That is, of course as long as she fully subscribes to their ideals.

If, however, she is a successful woman who does not buy into every feminist doctrine by say, supporting the current administration, then she is susceptible to their wrath. One such woman is the White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Sanders should be a role model for young women everywhere. She has a very successful career in a field that tends to be male dominated, all of this on top of being a mother. She stands up every day in front of the press and addresses even the most ridiculous questions with poised composure. According to every standard the feminists have established, she should be the epitome of female role models. There is just one problem – Sanders is standing up in defense of Trump.  

The tirade against Sanders has continued since she took the position as White House Press Secretary, which is to be expected. Trump’s presidency has been met with contempt from many Americans so it follows that those who show outward support for him, especially in such a high-profile position as Sanders’, would be subject to the same contempt. The type of insults thrown at her, and their hypocritical nature, are completely inappropriate.

The first notable Hollywood hypocrite to attack Sanders was feminist activist Lena Dunham. In a tweet sent out in October 2017, she said “Is it just me or does Sarah Huckabee Sanders seem like she’d be super easy to catfish?” This is not only unwarranted but comes just days after tweeting “Anyway kids, please remember that it’s not okay to body shame ANYONE but the president.” Apparently “anyone” only includes fellow feminist hypocrites who spend their time mocking and belittling those who hold different opinions from them.

Most recently iconic singer Cher has gone after Sanders for her style, tweeting out on January 22nd “Would someone please tell Sarah Huckabee Sanders to stop dressing like a sister wife.” Well, I hate to break it to you Cher, but in a professional setting like the White House it is usually expected to dress professionally. Unfortunately, bedazzled outfits and barely there dresses will not fly.

These ridiculous insults, and the multitude of others just like them, demonstrate something very fundamental about today’s feminist movement – its discriminatory and shallow nature. Feminists only care about defending women who buy into their victim complex. They preach that women should protect each other no matter what, unless you stand up as a strong woman who can fend for herself. Then you are suddenly declared an enemy.

The superficial attacks against Sanders are also evidence of her success and skill. Since apparently, they are unable to critique her on the actual job she is doing, the Hollywood hypocrites and other supposed feminists have to stoop to trashing her outfits and appearance. To these degenerates all I have to say is one thing – grow up, we are not in high school anymore.


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