The Office of the Student Body President Is Powerless

“True as it may be that students can draw on lessons learned pursuing their interests on our campus, perhaps the more appropriate word to describe student leadership at UNC is “laboratory”: on this campus, student governance is treated as a trivial experiment, to be done in an isolated, heavily controlled setting, that has no real impact or bearing on the course of the University.”

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First Step Act Marks Progress, But With Biased Algorithms

“Algorithms have propagated as alternatives to otherwise human-made decisions, from policing to pre-trial bail to sentencing — decisions about who ought to be free and who ought not to be. However, when unmonitored, algorithms simply pick up where most police officers and judges left off and continue acting with bias against low-income people of color.”

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OpinionKalley HuangComment
The Iowa Caucus Is Undemocratic

“It has become abundantly clear in recent cycles that an inordinate amount of electoral power is granted to relatively small and unrepresentative populations. States like Iowa and New Hampshire, simply by virtue of their place in the early stages of process, are examples of such communities — and likely to the detriment of those who will vote later.”

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Green New Deal Misses the Mark on Transportation Emissions

“While the boldness of Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal is admirable, her approach requires more specifics, especially as it relates to transportation emissions. In the arena of electric vehicles (EVs), the United States is moving in the right direction, but a “Green New Deal” must include sufficient funds for EV infrastructure, research and development, and subsidies.”

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OpinionJoseph WombleComment
Please Stop Running for President

“Presidential candidates in modern politics run not because they think they can lead the country, but instead for the perks that come with the journey there: notoriety, book and television deals, and, if they’re lucky, a cabinet or vice-presidential nod.”

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