The Quiet Turmoil in the UNC Board of Governors

Turnover in the UNC System’s leadership follows the challenges posed by the removal of UNC-Chapel Hill’s Confederate Monument Silent Sam by protestors in August 2018. Since then, clashes over the monument and other political influences from the Republican-controlled NC General Assembly have overshadowed the Board’s initiatives to improve higher education for students.

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LocalLindsey OldtComment
DRC Returns to State of Conflict After Hopes of Peace

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is only a few months away from finishing its first year under a government that transitioned peacefully into power since achieving independence from Belgium in 1960. But the past few years have been marred by a re-eruption of the violence that scarred the country from 1999 to 2004 between the Lendu and Hema ethno-political interests in northern Ituri province.

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Robert Mugabe: Dictator or Liberator?

Zimbabweans are grappling with the dichotomy Mugabe emodies, and there is likely no true generalization or reconciliation for his legacy. It is undeniable, however, that democracy in Zimbabwe has a long way to go and, rather than focusing on the individual qualities of each leader, the institutions themselves need to be changed. 

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GlobalStuti ShahComment
Climate Strike Forces Skeptics to Stand Against Science

While the Green New Deal inspired Republican vitriol due to its associated costs and increased role for government in energy policy, recent protests force skeptics to either take the side of protesters, or attack the science of climate change. And attacking the consensus of science or youth who are seeking to make a positive impact on the world just isn’t a good look for anyone.

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